Flat Paths

gorgeous paths for wheelchair cruising

Gorgeous Paths for Wheelchair Cruising

The best feature of our SeaChange village of Barwon Heads is miles of level footpaths for wheelchair cruising. See our photos and maps for your next visit in our blog here.

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Miles and Miles Of Level Footpaths.

There is nothing better than being able to explore in the sunshine. Barwon Heads certainly ticks that box. So make sure your battery is fully charged, and set off on an adventure with us.

Possibly the most popular path begins with a short cruise from 100 Hitchcock to the beach a few blocks away. The path meanders along the Barwon river into town. The paths are all level, and gravel paving. Occasionally you may hit a spot of beach sand after a windy day but for the most part, enjoy meandering along the Teatree path and watch the birdlife.

accessible accommodation wheelchair suitable paths


You may want to stop for a loo break, a BBQ or let the kids play in the playground.



The toilets are clean and wheelchair accessible too.



Continue to the Barwon Heads Bridge where you will find sculptures and seating to watch the waves and kids paddling. Stop for a coffee at Ebb & Flow. A cafe renowned for their awesome coffee and cakes.

From there, you can cross the Barwon Heads Bridge, and then back again. The bridge is a perfect fishing spot too, with the tide coming in there is a good chance of catching a meal for the evening.


accessible accommodation barwon heads bridge



The Bridge is a particularly lovely spot during sunrise and sunset. If you love photography, perhaps time your wheelchair cruise and send us some snaps!


barwon heads accessible accommodation


Continue your cruise to At The Heads Restaurant, a scene from the TV series SeaChange. A mix of concrete and timber paths, and very scenic.


wheelchair friendly accommodation



From there, follow the timber path to the jetty. Another great fishing spot. Naturally the wooden planks are a bit bumpy, however, you will love the view.



accommodation and paths for wheelchair users 100 hitchcock


Accessible Accommodation


From the jetty, meander along the concrete paths running parallel to the ocean, stopping at The Bluff. It is a marine sanctuary, so you will see quite a lot of birdlife.




accommodation that is wheelchair friendly


Return to the Bridge and Roundabout with excellent level crossings and wander into town along Hitchcock Avenue and back to the house.


accommodation for wheelchair users 100 hitchcock


Here is a map outlining where you can feel comfortable wheelchair cruising. The orange markings cover all of the above pictures. The yellow markings cover several kilometres along the inland part of the river in the photos below.


The best feature of our SeaChange village is miles of level footpaths for wheelchair cruising. See our photos and maps for your next visit


It includes several kilometres along the inland part of the Barwon Heads River. Meandering north of the property, follow the path inside the park, along the street and access the long flat river path. Explore fishing spots, and meander through farmland. It is really beautiful and peaceful.


Lots of Accessible  activities around Barwon Heads

We regularly post about activities that are suitable for disabled guests. Check out our other blogs such as Gourmet Farm to Table events and music festivals.

Consider hiring a beach wheelchair, or disabled surfing classes. Check our blog for more ideas.

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bike trails Barwon Heads

Bike Trail Barwon Heads – Activities At 100 Hitchcock

Bike Trails In Barwon Heads That Are Great For Cycling.

Our recommended bike trail in Barwon Heads.

There are some great bike trails in Barwon Heads for cycling. I have included a map for you too. The first is along the river, and the second is along Thirteenth Beach. If you enjoy cycling then a lovely bike trail to take from 100 Hitchcock (red dot on the map below) is along the Barwon River. We normally cut through the park at the top of Hitchcock Avenue, then ride to the bend in Carr street. From there is a reasonable distance of flat, safe riding. Perfectly suited for kids too. The path follows the meandering river, through nature reserve and farmland. Its so peaceful and a hidden treasure mostly only the locals know about. It is also ideal for wheelchair users as it is flat gravel.  Pack a picnic and enjoy the beauty that is Barwon Heads.

bike path

Another bike trail runs along the beach. For the more serious cyclists amongst you then the road that follows along the thirteenth beach is the place to ride. A gentle undulating road that has glimpses of the surf. The traffic is expecting cyclists on the road so drivers are usually courteous. Ride to the windmill and back or do the big loop, after getting to the windmill turn right and head up to Bluestone School Road and then back along Barwon Heads Road into town.

It’s no wonder the great Cadel Evans lives in Barwon Heads. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see him whizzing by! And if you are interested in Cadel’s Great Ocean Bike Race event in late January, check out our blog post about it here.

Cadel Evans at Barwon Heads
Cadel Evans at Barwon Heads.


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